Director's Award

Reclamation: Cold Laughter at Twilight
Karen Freedman
2009, encaustic on panel, 12" x 12"
(2010 Director's Award. Conference director: Joanne Mattera)

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Karen Freedman, Winner of the Director's Award

order & repetition No matter how many alternate paths my work takes I always seem to return to order and repetition. These twin elements are with me as an underlying touchstone of inspiration.

In my current series, I take this concept of order and repetition and introduce a semblance of disarray without ever really abandoning the grid-like structure. The use of colors may seem arbitrary yet they are chosen and arranged to give structure and movement to the randomness I have imposed on the grid.

The use of encaustic enhances the effects that I can create with texture and color. I am drawn to its warmth, to its tactile quality. I love the physical demands of working with wax and I am challenged by its constraints.

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